Tissuelyser II

The TissueLyser II system by Qiagen disrupts biological samples through high-speed shaking in plastic tubes with stainless steel, tungsten carbide, or glass beads.

Applications include DNA, RNA, and protein release from diverse sample types including plant and animal solid tissue, bacteria, fungi, insects, soil and more. Highly reproducible purification of high-quality DNA, RNA, miRNA, and protein is achieved, even with difficult-to-lyse tissues. Using the appropriate adapter set, up to 48 (2.0 ml) or 192 (1.2 ml) samples can be processed at the same time. Alternatively, a grinding jar set can be used to process large samples (10 ml each).

The Genomic Core Facility has the 48 sample adapter set and Zn-plated steel beads available (4.5 mm). Specialized applications may require purchase of specific adaptors, beads or reagents such as RNALater RNA Stabilization Reagent or Allprotect Tissue Reagent. Standard 1.5 to 2.0 ml eppendorph-style tubes are compatible with the system. Secure closing tubes could also be purchased (i. e., Eppendorf Safe-Lock micro test tubes) .

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