How to buy from our stores

Getting store access
1. Promega and Light Labs located in 480 ERB as well as Promega store in B24 LS can be accessed 24/7 with your key card. Contact us to add access to 480 ERB to your key card.
2. Life Technologies and Light Labs located in B24 LS are accessible 9AM-5PM, Monday-Friday

Buying from Light Labs:
1. Fill out a Light Labs Order Form, Extra forms are available at the stockroom locations.
2. Please make sure to include both the name of the individual purchasing the supplies as well as the PI or account number to which you would like the purchase charged on your sales order form.
3. Go to the Genomic Core Facility in B24 LS and have one of the GCF staff assist you, or use the self-serve cabinet in 480 ERB. Items will be invoiced at the end of each month.

Buying from Promega:
Promega items in B24 LS are available without a Promega account. Our GCF team members can give you an order form, and your product. To use the 480 ERB cabinet, or to use the LS stockroom after hours, please set up a Promega account as follows:
***Setting Up Your Account:
1. Visit and select “Register” on the top right.
2. Follow the prompts to set up your profile.
3. Click on any of the Helix links on the account landing page.
4. Follow the prompts to set up a pass. Your site code is: UTA.
5. Your pass will arrive in 1-2 business days
***Using Your Pass:
1. Log in at to see what’s in your Helix® unit.
2. Go to Promega freezer in 480 ERB or B24 LS and swipe your Helix® Pass in front of the Helix® name on the unit. The name will light up and the door lock will release.
3. Remove your product and close the door.
4. You will receive an order confirmation email.

Buying from Life Technologies:
1. Go to the Life Technologies/Thermofisher home page, and click either the “Sign In” or “Register” button located on the top navigation to access an existing account or sign up as a new user.
For new users, complete the registration form to request an online user name and password. This includes access to the Supply Centers at your location.
If you are a registered user of, request access to your Supply Center site(s) by entering your information here. You will receive a confirmation from customer care team within 24-48 hours.
2. Make a purchase from your Supply Center (our store in B24 LS) online, bring a proof of purchase to B24 LS and our GCF team will give you the items you purchased. This includes a $6 handling fee instead of the Life Technologies standard shipping price.
3. If you need an item not currently stocked at UTA you can purchase it for immediate shipment through LifeTech, at standard shipping costs. If you can wait for a few days you can have your order shipped free with the Supply Center weekly shipment (plus the $6 handling fee).