Sorvall RC-6 plus

The Sorvall RC-6 Plus is a compact superspeed centrifuge. The RC-6 Plus offers researchers the broadest array of accessories to meet their separation needs.


High Productivity:

  1. • Higher speeds – up to 22,000 rpm / 55,200 xg: Ensures faster separations and increased productivity

  2. Unparalleled Safety:

  1. • Non bolt-down design: Allows the centrifuge to be placed within the lab without being anchored it to the floor--while still meeting CE and CSA safety requirements


  1. • Broadest selection of rotors: Expands applications and offers broadest choices of SUPER-LITE composite, SUPER-LITE aluminum, and continuous-flow rotors

  2. • Cost-effective:Compatible with all RC-6 and most RC-5 -series centrifuge rotors.


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