Illumina MiSeq


New Release: Longer read lengths & more reads!

The industry’s most accurate and easiest-to-use benchtop sequencer just got better! New sequencing reagents enable up to 15Gb of output with 25 million sequencing reads and 2 x 300 bp paired-end read lengths. MiSeq is the only benchtop sequencer that can produce this type of data in a single run. This allows assembly of small genomes or detection of target variants with unmatched accuracy, especially within homopolymer regions. Now, even more samples can be processed in less time while generating more reads per run than any previous versions.


  1. • RNA-Seq

  2. • Small RNA sequencing

    • de novo Sequencing

    • Multiplexed 16S Metagenomics

    • Targeted Resequencing

    • Amplicon

    • Small Genome

    • ChIP-Seq

    • Exome enrichment

    • Sequence-capture

    • Sequencing Library QC