BD FACSMelody Cell Sorter

UTA is pleased to introduce the new BD FACSMelody Automatic Cell Sorter. Contact GCF for Melody-specific training, pricing and access to the scheduling calendar. An overview of flow cytometric analysis and sorting technology can be found here

The simple solution for consistent, quality results

Truly easy cell sorting is finally available. Now you can save time with simplified operation and get quality reproducible results. The BD FACSMelodyâ„¢ cell sorter makes the complex world of flow cytometry and sorting accessible to more researchers, enabling deep scientific insights, lab efficiency and cost savings.

The BD FACSMelody cell sorter combines proven and exclusive BD technology of high-end sorters with new automation and simplified software that takes easy-to-use sorting to a new level.

Single cell sorting for culture can be done into 6-, 12-, 24-, 48-, 96-, or 384 well plates. Cells can also be sorted into 96 well PCR plates for various applications including Next Generation Sequencing analysis. See the BD Precise WTA Single Cell Library Preparation Kit or the Smart-Seq Ultra Low Input RNA Library Preparation Kit from Clontech for more information.