Carestream Gel Logic 212 Pro

The Gel Logic 212 PRO is an automated gel imaging system for imaging fluorescence or colorimetric data in sample formats such as gels (DNA/Coomassie/Silver stain) membranes, and 96 well plates. Carestream Molecular Imaging software (included) features a variety of new, easy-to-use functionalities such as true autofocus and directed autoexposure.

Integrated Illumination

  1. • The Gel Logic 212 PRO system features both UV and white light illumination capability with an imaging area of up to 24.5 x 33 cm

  2. • The rollout UV transilluminator with optional UV shield makes possible visualization and excision of bands from ethidium bromide and other fluorescent dyes

  3. • Optional LED white light trans-illumination offers excellent illumination for Coomassie and silver stained samples

  4. • Discrete illumination mode selection, with indicator light and an optional timer for UV light operation

  5. • White light epi-illumination, allowing visualization of samples stained with chromogenic labels


Documents / Forms

Location: LS B24 & ERB 480