Fuji FLA-3000G

The FUJIFILM Fluorescent Image Analyzer FLA-3000G series uses the solid-state laser developed exclusively by FUJIFILM with wavelength suitable for excitation of fluorochrome. A multiple number of lasers with different wavelengths combined with four types of filters make it possible to read fluorochrome-stained gels, membranes, etc. It is also possible to read the Imaging Plate (IP), developed exclusively by FUJIFILM, as a radioactive energy sensor.

The FLA-3000G series system is designed with compact size and ease of operation in mind. Because the IP can be used repeatedly by uniformly exposing it to the light and erasing images after they have been read using the IP Eraser, the cost is low.

In keeping, using only the FLA-3000G series, DNA, RNA and protein gel imaging and autoradiography are possible, as well as other applications.

The advantages of the FLA-3000G series can be summarized as follows:

  1. • Imaging of fluorochrome-stained gels, membranes, etc., at high sensitivity and high resolution.

  1. • Ultra-high resolution compared to X-ray film images.

  1. • Proprietary reusable imaging plate (excluding the IP for 3H-labeled

  samples) featuring high sensitivity, wide dynamic range, excellent

  linearity and high resolution.

•High throughput (because the instrument is not occupied during

exposure) and reading accomplished in under seven minutes.

  1. • High resolution and sharpness compared with other filmless systems.

  1. • Linearity superior to any similar system.

•Ease of installation and operation; no darkroom, film processor,

chemicals or plumbing required.

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